Personal Injury

Our personal injury practice prides itself on providing the best representation to our clients and their families. 

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A personal injury case allows an injured individual to obtain compensation when he or she has been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another party.  At the Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon we have extensive experience dealing with the following, among other, types of accidents:

  • Automobile/motorcycle/truck
  • Bike
  • Boat
  • “Slip and fall”
  • Foreign objects found in food

The victim of a personal injury accident may have substantial financial losses and emotional distress, including lost wages, medical bills and a number of other expenses.  If you are the victim of an accident, it is imperative that you contact a seasoned and knowledgeable attorney immediately to preserve your rights.  At the Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon, we are laser focused on helping to alleviate the financial and emotional strain put on you by the accident, thereby allowing you to focus on your physical recovery.  

In addition, Ms. Jennifer Solomon is uniquely positioned to handle personal injury claims.  Prior to opening her own law practice, Ms. Solomon spent years working for insurance companies.  As a result, she is well aware of the information insurance attorneys require to work up their files.  She has extensive knowledge about the strategies that insurance companies use when trying to reduce their liability, including giving victims “low ball” offers before they are aware of the extent of their injuries.  Ms. Solomon and her colleagues work hard to ensure that insurance companies don’t take advantage of you and that they provide a thorough investigation into your claim.

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