After spending almost a decade working as an insurance defense attorney, I decided to open my own law practice so I could work on my cases as I saw fit, not as instructed by a large corporation.

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The Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon distinguish itself from other firms through its attention to detail, tireless advocacy on behalf of its clients and recognition that each case needs to be treated as a highly unique situation. Ms. Jennifer Solomon brings a rare and uncommon perspective to the practice of law. After devoting nearly a decade working as an insurance defense attorney, Ms. Solomon decided to open her own law practice focused on the interests of her clients and achieving their desired outcomes.

The high quality of work at the Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon is a result of the combination of Ms. Solomon’s professional and personal background, her passion in advocating for her clients and the firm’s commitment to devoting the time necessary to understand and formulate the strongest position for every case. Unlike many of her peers who went straight from college to law school, Jennifer graduated from UC Santa Barbara in three years with a degree in French and then spent the next three years exploring various career options, including being a wilderness guide and a real estate appraiser. After working in these different fields, Jennifer realized that law was her passion. She then attended the University of Oregon School of Law where she focused on disability law, participating in both the Social Security clinic as well as the public defender clinic, where she tried one criminal case to verdict and obtained a not guilty verdict on the most serious charge. After graduating from law school in 1998, Jennifer traveled the world on her own, visiting 32 countries in 18 months.

Upon returning to the United States in 2001, Jennifer spent nearly a decade working as a trial attorney for large insurance companies.  While doing so, she learned a great deal about the inner workings of insurance companies, including their decision-making processes and their methodology for handling claims.  Although Jennifer enjoyed her time at Big Law, she believed she could be of greater value to her clients if she established her own law firm, focused on the areas of the law about which she was most passionate:  Social Security Disability, Criminal Defense, Limited Conservatorships and Personal Injury.  In 2010, Jennifer established The Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon, committed to giving her clients individualized attention, advocating tirelessly on their behalf and helping them find solutions that best fit their needs and those of their families.  

It was obvious to Jennifer that her experience working for insurance companies would translate directly into creating personal injury law to be a key practice area in her new firm.  She knows the inner workings of how insurance companies make decisions, the “tricks” they use to give victims low ball offers and other methods they employ to reduce the amount victims can recover.  In addition, Jennifer brings a compassion and a level of understanding to her clients that other attorneys may lack.  

Jennifer’s compassion for others stems from her childhood, having grown up with a mother who had polio and who now suffers from post-polio syndrome.  As an attorney, Jennifer has an uncanny ability to both empathize with and advocate for her clients suffering from disabilities.  In addition, she understands how important it is for a client facing criminal charges to have a knowledgeable and seasoned attorney in his/her corner.  Her practice allows her to help clients with a true human touch, while also maintaining her passion for being in a courtroom.

In her spare time, Jennifer can be seen enjoying the great outdoors, from playing and coaching soccer for her children to snowboarding.  She lives in the East Bay with her husband, who she met on her trip around the world, their three moderately well-behaved children and their rescue cat.  She continues her love for travel, steadily adding to the long list of countries she has visited.

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