individualized attention

I help clients get the best results by giving individualized attention to each of my cases. I specialize in personal injury, social security disability law, criminal defense and estate planning.

Social Security Disability

Are you struggling to receive the Social Security disability benefits that you are entitled to?  Let me take care of your case.  My experience and reputation allows me to successfully obtain favorable results to meet your needs.

Criminal Defense

I know that if you, or a loved one or friend, has been accused of a crime, that can be the single most important event in your life. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Whether your situation involves medical marijuana, DUI, assault & battery, a probation or parole violation, or any other misdemeanor or felony, I can help you.

Do you have a traffic ticket that you don’t want on your record to keep your insurance from going up? Or you just don’t have time or opportunity to go to court? I have helped many clients get them reduced or dismissed.

Limited Conservatorships

Do you have a child or know someone who is turning or turned 18 that has a developmental disability? You might want or need a limited conservatorship to help care for that person. A limited conservatorships grants a responsible person certain rights to care for a developmentally disabled adult. If you or someone you know needs help with this type of conservatorship (different from a general conservatorship), I can help you with the paperwork, court proceedings and process.

Personal Injury

I have extensive experience and expertise in insurance law. Because I spent so many years working for insurance companies, I know how they think and what information their attorneys need to work up their files. I can help you with an auto accident, bike accident, slip and fall, boat accident, dog bite, foreign objects in food, truck accident, or motorcycle accident.

If you have important legal matters to discuss, don't wait.

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